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Linate Airport

Linate Airport is one of the major Airports in Milan, Italy. The Airport mainly offers Domestic flights and short-distance International flights due to its close proximity to Milan City. The Airport recorded a passenger best record of 8.3 million people. The Airport is a legendary derivation of a small village in Peschiera town. The Airport was built back in 1930, a period when the small size and in ability of the then major international airport, Taliedo Airport was unable to handle the growing number of commercial flights. However the Airport underwent a renovation in 1950 and consequently in 1980.These renovations were meant to help expand its run ways and flight frequency. Linate Airport has a number of shops and hotels within it. The shops usually offer various types of goods such as travelling suit cases and cigarettes among other products.

Linate Airport has numerous airlines operating in it and taking people all over the world. Linate Airport is international and there by most of its destinations are worldwide. Among its main airlines is Aer Lingus whose main destination is Dublin. This airline has both medium and large size airplanes with a carrying capacity of a maximum of 300 people. The airline offers quality service such as on board medical services where by any traveler who may fall sick is taken care of. The airline was formed in 1936 and is a former Affiliate of One world airline. The airline flew a record high of 9.5 million people in 2011 only. It has an employee base of about 4000 and returns revenue of 1.3 billion Euros p.a.The airline posses a high class business model where by it flies its customer across the transatlantic route to North Africa and Europe.

British Airways is also a frequent airliner at Linate Airport. The airline is located in Waterside in close proximity to Heathrow Airport. The airline is the largest flier in the United Kingdom in terms of the size of fleets, international destinations and international flights. The airliner was started in 1971 in a bid to control the existing national couriers. The airline was later privatized in 1987 after which it later expanded all over the world. The airliner had a passenger record of more than 20 million in the year 2011.The main secret behind its prosperous nature is proper management by visionary leaders and good operating policies. The airliner also sponsors various worldwide activities such as the London Olympics.

Brussels Airliners, located at Brussels Airport in Belgium is another flight courier operating in the Linate Airport. The airliner is the largest in Belgium with a destination count of more than 65 destinations in over 20 European countries. The airliner extends its services all over Africa offering long haul courier services in East, West and Central Africa regions. The airliner has exclusive services such as training of cockpit operators, freight maintenance and training of flight attendants such as air hostesses. The airliner was on 12th April 2005 following the merging of Virgin Express and SN Airlines. The airline stated operations in 2007 expanding to over 20 countries in Europe. The airline’s main services are subdivided into 3 criteria: b.flex (economy), class and b.light services. The b.light criterion offers an on board purchasing program where travelers are able to buy products such as snacks while flying. The flex criterion offers a complete combination of services such as provision of newspapers and journals, food catering and prioritized boarding.

Linate Airport has been generally safe except for two accident instances one being the collision between a Copenhagen bound Scandinavian craft and a business jet which resulted in great fatalities. Four years later, a small craft landed on a taxiway but did not cause any damages. Following the incidences, the airport officials have heightened their security measures.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Milan Linate
Time Zone:
GMT +1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
45° 27’ 0" N
Longitude (DMS):
9° 17’ 0" E
Passengers (2016):
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601m (1,972ft)
22m (72ft)
2,440m (8,005ft)
60m (197ft)