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Wi-Fi at the Airport

When you are at Milan Linate Airport, whether waiting for your flight, onward transport or to pick up a passenger, you are able to connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the free unlimited Wi-Fi that is available in all areas of the airport.

The operator of Milan's airports, SEA, introduced ViaMIlano Wi-Fi in 2013, which offered airport users a number of options for connecting to the internet. The basic Wi-Fi only provided a speed of 512Kbps up to a maximum limit of 300Mb per day without any registration. With "Wi-Fi Plus Free", customers had to register for the ViaMIlano program free of charge to get 2Mbps with a 500Mb limit. There was also a premium service with various rates according to the time purchased.

Since that time, in response to customers' requirements, they now offer "Wi-Fi ViaMilano" with unlimited free Wi-Fi at 2Mbps. When you connect you will be required to sign up for the ViaMilano points-based program with which you can earn benefits such as access to security fast track, discounted parking, shopping vouchers and VIP lounge access.

How to Connect to the Free Airport Wi-Fi

  1. On your mobile device, open settings and ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled
  2. In Wi-Fi options, select the airport Wi-Fi SSID
  3. Enter your details in the ViaMilano registration form. (Remember to click "no" when asked if you wish to receive promotions, etc. if you don't want to get email ads)
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions and press "Continue"
  5. Browse for free

2Mbps is fast enough for using social media, checking emails and ordinary web browsing. However, it's not recommended to try and stream HD content.

The airport also has roaming partners and if you have an account with one of these you can get online for free with no registration, by entering your account details. The partners are BOING, B-TEL and I-PASS.

Fee-Based Premium Wi-Fi

For customers who need faster surfing speeds, there is "Wi-Fi Premium". When connecting to the airport Wi-Fi you will be given options to buy various amounts of time at 8Mbps, which can be used whenever you choose. The options are as follows:

  • ViaMilano Flash is for thirty minutes
  • ViaMilano Spot for one hour
  • ViaMilano Smart is five hours
  • ViaMilano Business is ten hours
  • ViaMilano Flat gives one year of unlimited use.

Milan Airports App

The Milan Airports App can be downloaded on your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. In addition to enabling you to access free Wi-Fi, you can get live information on your flight status, an exclusive "call me back" customer care service and promotional offers and discounts. Contact

For customer service, telephone (+39) 02 232323. If you are registered in the ViaMilano program, there is an online form for complaints and comments. Complaints forms are also available at all the airport information desks.