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Linate Airport Parking

The four parking areas at Linate are less than five minutes' walk from the terminal building. There are metered short-stay bays (for picking up and dropping off passengers), two short-term car parks and a long-term car park.

  • P1 Top Class – This is the "Top Class" car park with 1,300 covered spaces directly linked to the check-in area of the terminal via a level two corridor. This is best suited for short-term parking, but it can be used long-term, however, it is the most expensive parking option.
  • P2 Executive - The lower levels of P2 are for "Executive" parking with 2,000 covered spaces and easy access to the check-in area through a tunnel. The first twenty minutes parking is free so it can be used for dropping off passengers.
  • P2 Holiday - Levels five and six of P2 are for "Holiday" or long-term parking. There are 500 spaces, with the fifth floor being covered and the sixth floor uncovered. This is the cheapest choice but has a minimum charge of seven days if you exceed six hours.

Access to P1 and P2 is via a barrier at which you collect a ticket. Keep the ticket with you and pay by card or cash at one of the machines before returning to your car. If you have used the free twenty-minute parking in P2, use your entry ticket at the exit barrier.

There is an additional car park, P3, which is for rental cars.

Drop Off and Pick Up Zones

At Linate Airport there are no free drop off or pick up zones. However, there are 100 metered short-stay spaces on the departures level for dropping off passengers with a maximum stay of one hour. There are also 189 metered spaces outside arrivals where you can park for a day.

At arrivals, there are manned payment booths as well as machines, but at departures, there are only machines at which you can pay by card or cash.

It is better to use the free twenty minutes parking in P2 for dropping off.

Parking Rates

The rates for each car park are shown below.

  • Short-Stay bays at Arrivals and Departures
    • Up to one hour: €3.00
    • Two to five hours: €2.00 per half hour
    • After five hours, daily rate of €35.00 applies
  • P1 Top Class
    • One to five hours: €5.00 per hour or part hour
    • After five hours, the first day rate of €34.00 applies
    • Forty-eight hours: €59.00
    • Day three to five: €29.50 per day
    • Day six onwards: €15.00 per day
  • P2 Executive
    • First twenty minutes: free
    • One to five hours: €5.00 per hour or part hour
    • After five hours, the first day rate of €29.00 applies
    • Forty-eight hours: €56.00
    • Day three: €13.00 per day
    • Day four onwards: €5.00 per day
  • P2 Holiday
    • One to six hours: €5.00 per hour or part hour
    • Six hours to seven days: €69.00 (minimum rate for up to seven days)
    • Day eight onwards: €5.00 per day
  • P2 Motorcycle
    • One to four hours: €1.50 per hour
    • After four hours, daily rate of €6.00 applies
    • Each subsequent day: €6.00

You can make savings and take advantage of offers by booking in advance online using the form above. If you use the car park regularly, you can purchase a Telepass, which saves queueing at barriers and payment machines.

Other services are available such as valet parking and car cleaning. If you are flying from Linate and returning to Malpensa, or vice versa, the car transfer service enables you to leave your car at one airport and it will be waiting at the other on your return. This costs €90.00 on top of any parking charges and tolls.

Finding the Car Parks

The road into the airport is the SP14 Viale Enrico Forlanini which you can take from Milan city centre or access it from the A51 motorway to the west or the A58 from the east.

Follow the signs for "Aeroporto" and then "Arrivals". As you approach the airport there are large signs giving information on the number of vacant spaces in each car park. Follow the blue parking signs for the car park you want; P1, P2 or, if returning a hire car, P3.

On entering the car park avoid the "Telepass" lanes unless you are a Telepass ticket holder.

For the short-stay parking at the drop off and pick up areas, follow the appropriate sign for arrival or departures. The spaces are marked with blue lines and there are signs directing you to the payment meters.

Off Airport Parking

A number of companies offer an alternative to the official airport parking. Off-site parking facilities are at locations close to the airport with a shuttle bus service included in the price. Near to Milan Linate, parking for a week can cost from as little as €44.00. You can compare all off-site parking companies by filling out the form at the top of this page.