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The roads in Italy are well developed and networked. The good road network is especially very good and effective when it comes to the issue or transport of people and cargo from one place to the other. The airport in Milan is well linked to the Northern road network of Italy. This effective linking of the airport and other countries is very advantageous to the airport as it enables people to travel from different parts of Italy and get to Linate Airport to catch their flights or even to pick their family and friends from the airport. The different links of Linate airport to other areas include:

Link to Autostrada 8 which connects the airport to Northern Milan. This road connection is very well maintained and is built as a dual carriage way in order to enhance quick and safe transportation across the area. The government constantly maintains the road and has recently repaired the road to include direction signs and boards which has become very important to new travels as they do not get lost on their way to their destinations. Austostrada 4 road links the airport to Noyara in Western Italy. The road networks are interconnected together to form a web like connection where by it is easy to connect to any part of the country from any point. This interconnection has reduced the level of human congestion at the airport.

The P41 road connection serves the Como area while the Autostrada 1 connects Milan to the southern part of the country. Majority of the link routes are mainly toll roads. The buses in the airport offer travelling services to the visitors where by they charge them lower than the other service providers. People who are in the region of Central Milan and may want to connect to the airport via road are advised to drive on the Marzo road then drive through Corsica and then branch off to join the ring road and flow it until they get to the Linate exit that is going to take them directly to the airport. One can be able to connect to many places such as Zermatt, Trentino and Lugarno from the airport. The roads may occasionally have road checks by police that are aimed at attaining maximum security both for the visitors and for the locals of Milan. Visitors can enquire for directions from the airport’s enquiry desk.

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