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LINATE AIRPORT     - In Terminal, Milan, Milan (Italy)
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Alamo Linate Airport

Milan City is the capital of Italy and also home to the largest International Airport in Italy, Lanite International Airport. Milan also hosts many businesses and cultural centers and hence it’s a major tourist destination for over 10 million people from all over the world. This necessitates for high quality in the hotel and transport sectors so as to professionally handle the needs for the large human traffic of Milan. One car hire situated at Linate Airport is among the leading industry players in the transport sector. That firm is the renowned Alamo Car Hire Company. Booking of cars is possible at the firm’s offices which operate on daily basis from morning hours to late night hours or preferably orders can be placed on their website. All the type of cars that they stock is usually available for viewing at the company’s website or at their Linate center.

The firm is very common among visitors who prefer hiring economical cars during their stay in Milan. The cars are usually simple and are easy to operate and drive. The cars are also advantageous in that they are very low fuel consumers even though they have maximized efficiency. The cars are usually common among couples visiting Milan for their honey moon or families going for vacations in Milan. The firm indicates each car’s carrying capacity in terms of passengers and luggage weights. The average carrying capacity of the cars is usually two adults and two kids and hence is very ideal for small families.

The medium size cars in him firm usually have a bigger carrying capacity than the economical ones. They are however a bit more fuel as compared to their economical counterparts. The firm offers very comprehensive car- lending programs. Some of their added services included an unlimited car mileage, discounts, a 24hr customer support incase the car stall on the way. Customers are also rewarded with bonuses as long as they fly in any of the firm’s affiliate partners such as Delta Airways, United States Airlines and Virgin Express. All cars are fitted with automated navigation systems for giving direction to the drivers. The firm’s management also provides their customers with maintenance skills and first hand car repairs such as changing a punctured wheel. For any one wishing to have a memorable experience in Milan, they should just place a reservation with the firm and they will surely have a story to tell.