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LINATE AIRPORT     - In Terminal, Milan, Milan (Italy)
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Budget Linate Airport

The Starting of the Budget Car Hire was started as a result of the rising number of travelers all over the world. The corporation was started in the 90s and has over the years grow to a point that it has been ranked among the top 3 car rental firms all over the world. The company offers operations in more than 110 countries and specifically in Italy; it is located at Linate airport, Milan. The company has a fleet of over 200000 cars and over 3250 rental locations globally. The company tocks all new edition cars in order to maintain its relevance in the industry.

The company’s great achievements have been witnessed due to great stewardship, favorable pricing an high quality and well maintained cars. The company underwent great renovations ten years after it was established including a change in ownership that favored the great market share they control in the world. Their services at Lanite airport include the small size cars that are used for travelling around he city. These cars are most common among business people a they do not do a lot of travelling since all their businesses are based in Milan city as opposed to tourists who traverse all over the country in a bid to make sure that they are able to see each detail in Italy. Tourists prefer the large cars which are ideal for long distances even on rough terrains and different geographical settings. The cars usually vary in their pricing were by small cars are cheaper as compared to the large cars. Large cars a\re usually chauffeured and occasionally tour guides are included to keep updating the travelers as they enjoy their trips. Small cars are usually driven by the clients.

Most clients experience complete contention while they are using the services of the car hire an all their cars are ell maintained and usually the client is given an initial full fuel tanks. All cars have in built navigating systems whose main aim is to direct the clients on their way around the city.Th navigation systems also come along with an added advantage as they also show nearby gas stations, restaurants ,parks and even medical centers in case the user may wish to buy any medication. The minimum age for anyone wishing to hire the cars is 21 years where by he travelers are require to provide all personal information to the company before being lent the car.